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Over time, pollutants accumulate on the inner walls of the duct line. Because of this, the system cannot work as intended. The aerodynamic properties of the highway deteriorate due to increasing air friction against the duct walls, the passage section due to the dirt layer is reduced, which reduces the performance of the ventilation system.

Air duct cleaning is the process of removing accumulated pollutants. It is carried out using special tools, devices, equipment, and also requires certain skills. Therefore, if there is a need to prevent ductwork, it is better to contact specialists.

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The accumulated dust is a breeding ground for various microorganisms, which can become a threat to human health. Dirty ducts can lead to inflammation of the mucous membrane, migraines, fatigue, depression, and provoke the development of various chronic diseases.

The operation of duct systems in this state is contrary to fire safety regulations. Dust and grease deposits on the walls of the air duct are flammable, and in the event of a fire, thanks to the airflow, the fire will quickly spread through the air ducts to neighbouring rooms or even buildings. If dust settles on visible parts of the floor during the day, this is a sign that it is time to clean the air ducts, and other ventilation equipment, and replace the air filters.

Why is it important to clean the air duct?

First of all, the negative consequences of ignoring the cleaning measures include the strong clogging of the air ducts, due to which their inner diameter is narrowed (and in some especially “neglected” cases, it completely overlaps). This leads to an increase in the load on ventilation equipment, which in turn becomes the cause of its sudden failure.

Another disadvantage of clogged ventilation is the deterioration of air quality. In addition, a contaminated ventilation system is a very favorable environment for the development of microbes, bacteria, and other microorganisms dangerous to human health. There are cases when dirty air ducts “attracted” even insects and mice.

There is a third very unpleasant moment expressed in the high fire hazard of dirty ventilation ducts. One single small spark can cause a fire in the ventilation system if there are concomitant conditions for this. Of the above, a logical conclusion suggests itself – cleaning ducts should not be neglected since such behavior does not end with anything good. Now let’s talk about the specifics of this procedure. What tools and equipment are needed for it, and what is generally important to know in this matter?

Cleaning Benefits:

  1. Improving the quality of indoor microclimate
  2. Allergy reduction
  3. Extend the life of your system
  4. House dust reduction
  5. Mold Prevention

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How does air duct cleaning work?

Ventilation ducts should be cleaned without dismantling them.

Cleaning ventilation consists of three stages:

  1. Inspection of the ventilation duct – The internal walls of the air duct should be inspected for dust and other contaminants on them. How to check the ventilation duct? To do this, there are special openings (doors), which are called inspection hatches or hatches for cleaning air ducts.
  2. Cleaning the ventilation duct – The cleaning methods of the ventilation system vary and depend on the degree of contamination and the type of duct (flexible, rigid or semi-rigid duct). There are mechanical and chemical cleaning methods.

The chemical method is used when cleaning fat deposits inherent in ventilation systems in kitchens, etc. The chemical is sprayed inside the duct and left there for a while. Due to the chemical reaction, plaque exfoliates from the inner surface of the duct and is carried away with the air. This method is used only with a small plaque thickness.

Mechanical cleaning is carried out by hydropneumatic or hydromechanical devices and vacuum pumps. It is made as follows: a vacuum pump is placed inside the duct, special cleaning brushes are located in front of the vacuum pump, which during rotation separate plaque from the walls of the duct, after which it is drawn into a special filter of the vacuum pump. Mechanical cleaning is complicated and time-consuming in its execution, but with severe pollution, only it saves.

Air Duct Cleaning Pineville NC

How often should you clean air ducts?

Air exchange rates and microclimate parameters that regulate comfortable temperature, humidity and airspeed are prescribed in state-building (DBN) and sanitary (Construction Norms and Regulations) rules. According to these standards, it is necessary to check the quality of ventilation once a year systematically, and at the same time, the ventilation system is cleaned and disinfected. Moreover, DBN B.2.5-20 clearly states that cleaning should occur at least once a year. Also, in SNiP, it is indicated that it is necessary to observe the maintenance of equipment with a frequency that is prescribed in the operating instructions for each device.

In any case, air ducts and air ducts must ensure the passage of a standard amount of air, and the entire volume of air in the room must change for a new one every hour. If the air ducts become very dirty, this will become unrealistic, since a layer of dirt reduces the amount of air that can pass through the system.


It is essential to understand that ventilation ducts do not clean themselves. Regularly cleaning your home duct can remove most of the germs and debris that can cause home discomfort. It is advisable to clean the channels once a year, and thus you can improve your health and the health of your family!

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Dryer Vent Cleaning

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Air Duct Replacment

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